Monday, February 25, 2013

Community Building in the Classroom and World Peace

Mandalas are used by Buddhist monks as a sacred ritual.  My friend and artist,Russell Maier is using mandalas to promote world peace and "oneness." The circle and symmetry can unify a group when created collaboratively.I used a mandala  activity as I was inspired by Russel.  

Creating a class mandala for a community building activity is easy  and fun to do. It can be done in a face-to-face or online environment.  Here is how to create a mandala with your online class or group:
  1. Ask individuals to choose and share a geometric shape (PowerPoint is easy for this)
  1. Collect these using Google Docs or via email
  1. Arrange the shapes in a circle, using symmetry-try using Snagit or snippet
  1. Save as Jpeg
  1. Share with the class!

The mandala above is an example of a mandala that my students and I created as a group.  My students were so excited they had printed t-shirts!

Enjoy and Namaste!
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