Thursday, June 21, 2012

Place to Complain.

Twitter went down, way down! According to CNN, there was "no place to complain"
Enter: A Place to complain.

What did you do when Twitter went down? Jump on Tumblr? Phone a friend?
I was in a live webinar where a colleague was trying to demo the micro-blogging site.
I clicked...and clicked...checked my blog. Confirmed. Twitter was down; even my Twitter feed was out! Wow! Never saw that happen before. I sat for a moment and wondered what all the Twitter peeps were doing. Are some on and some of us not allowed in? What are they tweeting? What am I missing? Is it unavailable to everyone? My colleague? She didn’t miss a beat.

What did you do when Twitter was down?  Add your .02: Place to complain here!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Globaloria: STEM for kids!

Globaloria, a social learning network with a digital curriculum by the World Wide Workshop Foundation, is fostering skills for the 21st Century.   Globaloria helps kids learn about Math, Science and and digital literacy through playing and designing games.  Students read, research, investigate, write and publish their works!

Take a look!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


WE are sending Jerry Blumengarten, @Cybraryman1, to ISTE12!  The generosity continues in an effort to pay Jerry back for all of his kindness and efforts with the ISTE Newbie Project.

If you are an educator, parent or student and haven't been to Jerry's site, it is a must see.  You will find a multitude of valuable resources and tools.  You have until June 10th to click and chip in.  Please see the widget on this blog.

Can you see the power of WE?  Won't you join us?
                                                                      Go Jerry, go!