Thursday, June 21, 2012

Place to Complain.

Twitter went down, way down! According to CNN, there was "no place to complain"
Enter: A Place to complain.

What did you do when Twitter went down? Jump on Tumblr? Phone a friend?
I was in a live webinar where a colleague was trying to demo the micro-blogging site.
I clicked...and clicked...checked my blog. Confirmed. Twitter was down; even my Twitter feed was out! Wow! Never saw that happen before. I sat for a moment and wondered what all the Twitter peeps were doing. Are some on and some of us not allowed in? What are they tweeting? What am I missing? Is it unavailable to everyone? My colleague? She didn’t miss a beat.

What did you do when Twitter was down?  Add your .02: Place to complain here!

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