Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Here Right Now: Duran Duran!

I am a fan of GAFFA  as well as the famous boy band (Well, men now, I suppose).  However, Here Right  Now is way beyond 80’s music and art!  Visit this online data visualization project and you can post a pic of Rio as she’s dancing in the sand or perhaps share a snapshot of the New moon on MondayPinning pics of the proverbial here and now to a revolving black and reddish-pinkish sphere is pretty cool.  

Gabriel Dunne, project lead, expresses on the Duran Duran site:  "When Duran Duran approached us to create a project that allowed fans to share visual depictions of what they were thinking or feeling, we knew we were about to embark on something special. A single image or photograph can communicate an incredible amount without the use of words, and in addition to geographic location, images have the potential to reveal themes on a global level.”

You may ask, “Please, please tell me now… Is there something I should know?”  Call me old-fashioned, but, as cool as this is, I am still a little uneasy about sharing my longitude and latitude with the world.  I would caution kids, even the ones who were dancing to Girls on Film back in the day, to be aware of the details they share.  #Imjustsaying

Jonesin’ for some 80’s now? Here ya go!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Living in Paradise

If you are on an egg hunt in South Florida, you may happen upon other colorful signs of Spring.  Be sure you know the dangers of these beauties!

Portuguese Man-O-War on the beach taken by Lauren G.  
These are gorgeous, but don't touch or get in the way of the tentacles that can grow up to 50 feet long!  Ouch!  Pack vinegar, just in case.  More info provided by the Florida Kiteboarding Association.

David L.'s Pineapple Garden

My green-thumbed neighbor usually shares theses gems!  Although not as severe as a sting from a Portuguese Man-O-War, they can cause allergic reactions for some.  I'll suffer through as these are dee-licious!  I can't wait for the harvest! (hint, hint)  Find out more at LiveStrong.com.

Happy Spring!