Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Here Right Now: Duran Duran!

I am a fan of GAFFA  as well as the famous boy band (Well, men now, I suppose).  However, Here Right  Now is way beyond 80’s music and art!  Visit this online data visualization project and you can post a pic of Rio as she’s dancing in the sand or perhaps share a snapshot of the New moon on MondayPinning pics of the proverbial here and now to a revolving black and reddish-pinkish sphere is pretty cool.  

Gabriel Dunne, project lead, expresses on the Duran Duran site:  "When Duran Duran approached us to create a project that allowed fans to share visual depictions of what they were thinking or feeling, we knew we were about to embark on something special. A single image or photograph can communicate an incredible amount without the use of words, and in addition to geographic location, images have the potential to reveal themes on a global level.”

You may ask, “Please, please tell me now… Is there something I should know?”  Call me old-fashioned, but, as cool as this is, I am still a little uneasy about sharing my longitude and latitude with the world.  I would caution kids, even the ones who were dancing to Girls on Film back in the day, to be aware of the details they share.  #Imjustsaying

Jonesin’ for some 80’s now? Here ya go!

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