Monday, March 26, 2012

The Palm Beach County Tech Conference- Storified!

I was fortunate to have attended The 2012 School District of Palm Beach County Technology Conference on March 26th. 

This conference was very impressive and FREE.  What an amazing job by Lee Kolbert and team!  And the punchline?  I got to meet some rock stars.  It was a sharefest with Dean Shareski, who I have deemed The Sharemeister and the ever-resourceful and very generous Jerry Blumengarten, pictured with me below. 

@cybraryman1 @HansenLaurie @shareski
I do have a few regrets as I could not stay the entire day.  I wasn't able to see the dynamite sessions by Kris or Abby and Lily (Sorry guys!)  I missed other fabulous events including the closing event by dynamic speaker Travis Allen.  Luckily, I did catch his earlier session.   Oh, and I missed the iPad raffle. Darn! 
Opening Keynote,  Rushton Hurley, was a dynamic, brilliant and hilarious speaker.  I also want to share an important quote from his talk: "I am eating granola!"  Confused?  Ask me!

Catch the conference Twitter chat here on Storify and continue the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #sdpbctechconf.

Palm Beach County ROCKS! #ThankYou

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Follow #sdpbctechconf attendees in our chat right from Storify!
A shout out to my friend Nancy, PBC dedicated teacher, for encouraging me to attend! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jefe's Taco Story

Jefe’s is named after a famous surfer who attributed his legendary surfing skills to his mom’s tacos.  When Jefe passed, the recipe was thought to have been lost forever.  Lucky for us, the family recipe has been rediscovered and is being served up on a food truck near you!

If you’re ever in Miami-Dade area, you must find Jefe’s Original  and experience this yum-o-licious fish taco.  Yes, it is as amazing as it looks.  This one was probably the best fish taco ever made.  At least I think so!

Can't get to Jefe's? Find or book another a gourmet food truck near you!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In celebration of Einstein...

Originally posted on my kids' blogs:

March 14th:  Happy Birthday Einstein!  How about a little π?
Sculpture by Mary

And a larger, edible baked delight:
Peanut Butter π Pie baked by Anna
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Doodlers Anonymous

Butterfly by Laurie Hansen

Hello. My name is Laurie and I am a Doodler. 
These days my doodles are digital.  However, they are not done with Adobe Photoshop or any special graphic artist’s tool.  I doodle using Powerpoint.
I have gotten lost on a slide using the glow, bevel and 3D rotation features in order to create my tiny works of art. Sometimes it takes more than 12 steps.  I don’t usually count, though.
This butterfly started out as a heart. I filled it with a Wordle, flipped it, used 3D rotation and …viola! 
A butterfly!   
Want to meet other doodlers like your creative self?  Want to get inspired? Doodlers Anonymous is a place where you can meet doodlers like yourself or admire the spontaneous art of others.
Have fun!  I’d love to see your work if you care to share.