Sunday, August 5, 2012

Choose2Matter: My Personal Story

Angela Maiers shared her important message on a TEDx talk: YOU MATTER.   Her intent was to raise awareness and motivate others to make a difference in the world.  No action is too small. Angela’s message has transformed lives and motivated others to share her message and make a difference. 
I shared Angela's video with my children.  They were immediately motivated and in an effort to help Angela spread the word, my kids invited their friends over to watch Angela's video.  After they watched the video, the group met Angela via Skype.  See the You Matter Young Leaders' video response and conversation with Angela.
You Matter has now developed into a non-profit organization and a movement: Choose2Matter.  We hope you will join us.   You can help spread the word by telling others face-to-face, joining the Choose2Matter Facebook Group and following the conversation/sharing on Twitter by using the hashtags #YOUMATTER  and #CHOOSE2MATTER.  Not sure how to use these on Twitter?  I'd be happy to show you!  Just ask! :)

My friend and Choose2Matter team member, Sheri Edwards shares about Choose2Matter on her blog: What Else?

Global events are coming soon.  Stay tuned!



  1. I'm on board with this. Will be tweeting as well! You are such an inspiration. Keep the energy level high!

  2. Thank you, Dr. M! Thank you for tweeting! Feel free to also shout it from the rooftops! :)