Saturday, February 4, 2012


I wrote a poem about nothing.  Not in the spirit of George's idea for a show about nothing, but rather, nothing as it pertains to something.  Something really important.
Why a poem?  I'm not sure.  Because it's (I'm) emotional, I guess. 
Of course, there's  always a back story:  I was inspired by a friend who, at his surprise, needed immediate open heart surgery.  I wanted to send something, give them something. 

I asked what the family needed.  His wife said, “Nothing.  We have everything that is important to us.”  He’s alive. 
Of course, friendship and support go a long way.  But things?  Things leave much to be desired.
So here it is..

A moment of panic scrambles in, but leaves
As the light of realization reveals:  I need nothing
It’s all here
with me

In loving memory of Kim M.


  1. Laurie,
    A gem! We all need to remind ourselves what is truly important in life - our families, our friends, our connection to higher forces within us.
    Keep the light shining!

    1. Thank you, my friend! You are an inspiration!